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With over 12 years of design and marketing experience, Four Star Designs brings passion, vision, and proven solutions to your marketing needs. Whether you need a new website, a refresh to your existing site, email marketing campaigns, social media boosts, or graphic design, we offer solutions for a seamless end-to-end user experience for your business needs. 


Four Star Designs is a full online-business solutions web and graphic design firm. We take you from any stage in your journey, whether it's a refresh or starting from scratch, and create solutions for your specific needs. We are an Adobe Business Partner. Sites we build are hosted on Adobe servers, and as such you can sleep well knowing your site will not experience down-time, and has an incredibly robust back-end. We customize beautiful, responsive sites to optimize your customer's experience from end to end, on any device. 

Other services we provide are marketing strategies, graphic design, print design, e-commerce, and more. 


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Many times we are approached with the need for a logo, or a logo re-design. People have started off with something that isn't representing their vision. We are experts at taking your ideas and bringing them to life. 

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Is your current site designed for optimized mobile phone and tablet viewing? Do you have to update multiple sites to keep up with the ever changing technology of mobile? Let us help you create a website that fits your needs, and fits your customer's device screen size.  

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From business cards to eCommerce websites, we can help! Let's talk about your vision and how we can make it come to life.



Content, Copywriting and Confucius

by: Julie Bond - Friday, July 24, 2015

I know, I've been on quite the hiatus from blogging, and even removed the darn thing from my site while I worked through getting my own site up to speed on 'Responsive' design, as well as many of my amazing clients from the past. But I decided it was time to dust it off, and start up the old writing engine again. After all, I tell clients to keep fresh content on their sites, so I should practice what I preach, eh?

I've been working with some awesome clients lately, and the best ones are those that want to write blogs and keep things fresh on their sites. This is a great way to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It gives you an opportunity to talk about what's relevant to you as a business, which is a way to keep keywords coming on your site without appearing "Spammy McSpamster" to the search spiders. More importantly, it gives your visitors a reason to come back to your site, which is a good thing. And it gives everyone something they can 'share' on the old Social Media channels.

That said, the one thing I find that can be difficult is writing well. Let's face it - we all think that we do a pretty decent job of whatever it is we want to do...whether it's singing, dancing, or cooking our Great Aunt Betty's famous strawberry tart. The reality is that we probably don't write nearly as well as we need to, and consequently nobody else appreciates our 'talent' as much as ourselves (save perhaps our mother). So, what to do? I find that a lot of people end up researching articles on the topics they want to write about, which is great! Until we get lazy and start simply copy/pasting content into our own blogs, passing it off as our own. Even with tweaking a few words here and there, it's not appropriate to do this without giving proper credit where credit is due.

Here's a fabulous article written by Corey Eridon I found on this exact practice, and how to give appropriate credit if you are citing facts, figures, or generally using someone else's work to make your point: "How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People's Content on the Internet".  I really appreciated this breakdown of how to appropriately give credit where credit is due, and highly recommend it as a point of reference if you're using other people's work to spread your message on the ever-growing web. 

Bottom line - we are always evolving and learning, so nobody expects any one person to know all there is to know. Confucius says, "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.", and by that measure, I would rather give credit to the people who I am learning and gleaning information and knowledge from, and humbly accept that I am still learning alongside my fellow man.

What topics relating to web design, graphic design or online marketing are you interested in hearing about? Comment below and let me know!

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