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One of our first process steps is to have our clients complete a Business Objectives Survey. This is a great tool to begin thinking critically about your goals, and what you want your online presence to do in order to achieve those goals.

Fill out the form below and we will reach out to have a conversation about whether Four Star Designs is a good fit to partner with you toward success


Number One Objective for our business over the next 6 months:
Increase revenue / profits
Get more customers / donors / volunteers
Open a new location
Hire more staff
Reduce overhead
Streamline operations

Based on the above, enter a metric for this goal

If our website could only do ONE thing it would be to:
Showcase our brand
Showcase our products / services
Make it very easy for visitors to contact us
Collect visitors email for future marketing
Make purchasing / donating easy

Which option best describes your business' need for a Responsive Website?
Very important
Not necessary
Not sure - what's "Responsive"?

Select ALL that apply:
Site needs to include eCommerce
Site needs to include a contact form
Visitors can 'share' to social media directly from the site
Site needs to capture marketing leads
Site needs to have a 'members only' zone

If 'Other' selected - please explain: