The first step is to have a 1-hour complimentary consult. This is a 'fit test' where we meet, discuss a high-level view of your needs, and get to know each other a bit to see if we are a potentially good fit for your project. This may be done in person or on a virtual-meeting. We like meeting face-to-face if possible, but phone calls are an option as well. If the 'fit test' results in a decision to move forward we go into a series of meetings that deep-dive into the details of what you are doing that is working, and (more importantly) what isn't. Out of these meetings we will create a proposal for you to consider.


At this stage we begin to use the research we did during DISCOVERY to create the infrastructure of the pieces that will build your proposed solution. This may be comprised of SEO implementation, blog articles, web design, email campaigns, print materials, social media campaigns, or all of the above.


Once the implementation of your solution is complete it's time to watch the results. This is a critical piece of the process that is all to often overlooked by many web agencies. An analysis of the results from our work will be performed and changes or recommendations may be made for you to consider as a result. It is our goal to partner with you in an ongoing effort to grow and nurture your marketing and see you achieve your goals.


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